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Abouts us Company  

    Superconn is specialized in designs and manufactures RF Connector, Precision Connector, RF Adaptor, Cable Assembly,  Precision adapter, Cable Connectors, Surge Arrestor and Coaxial Cable for applications in the datacom, telecom,   automotive, instrumentation markets.

    We are well aware that providing a high performance, reliable connection is the primary factor in gaining the confidence  of our customers, If your company have requirement for RF Coaxial connectors, RF Coaxial Cable Assembly, GPS  Antennas and demand excellent service, Adapters, competitive solutions, comprehensive technical support  and a  understanding of your requirements, Please make Superconn your first choice.  

     In Superconn, we embrace our role as a trusted resource, partner and facilitator. We Produce rf microwave products that connect the world and evolves with innovate advance in technology. By investing all of our capabilities, resources,  relationships and products into your toughest challenges, we continue our core values — working for new ideas and  fresh ways of thinking. We’re a trusted resource and partner around the world because we’re invested in you, your  people, your networks, your success. All of these inspires us to build relationships and infrastructure, connect people  technologies across protocols, oceans and time zones, and share what we learn along the way.